Gran Canal de Trieste

Realized between 1754 and 1766 by Matteo Pirona, the Canal Grande was a key element of the new urban plan that led to the construction of Borgo Teresiano.


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Updated: June 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My last presidents’ message was one of hopefulness and optimism that we would be able to meet before summer break, but alas a third wave arrived and dashed any hopes of meeting, breaking bread and sharing laughs amongst each other. However, it looks as though we will be able to open up a bit this summer so we are planning on moving forward with restarting the Trieste Lodge.


Before we get into the Trieste Lodge business, I am very happy to announce that the Italian Canadian community has finally received a formal apology from the Government of Canada for the unfair and unjust internment of Italian Canadians during World War 2.  This is one of the first steps for closure on this important issue, with education coming next.  There are too many to thank for their efforts in obtaining this apology, but a few people come to mind.  I have heard stories of Brothers Nick Zaffiro and Charles Criminisi lobbying the Mulroney government 30+ years ago.  I know that our Brothers and Sisters from the Grand Lodge have been in communication with the federal government for the last few decades, including Brothers Vince Bueti, Fernando Forcucci, Sister Josie Cumbo, and Brothers Joe Monachino and Carmine Filice.  Also, our partnerships with CIBPA and the NCIC have helped show the solidarity of Italian Canadians.


Related to the internment, on Thursday June 10th at 12:00 noon, the SDOI Trieste Lodge partnering with the City of Hamilton and LIUNA Local 837 will unveil a commemorative plaque that will be displayed outside of LIUNA Station that will honour Italian Hamiltonians that were interned.  This was an effort by a committee consisting of myself and brothers Sam Cino, Joe Baiardo, Carmine Filice, Charles Criminisi, and Ricardo Persi, and Sisters Marita Zaffiro, Tina Destro and Vicenza Travale. Truthfully, this was initially spearheaded and brought to our attention by Sam Cino and Joe Baiardo, both with whom we all owe a debt of gratitude for this excellent idea and the amount of work involved in getting to completion.


In this newsletter you will see an advertisement for a Spaghetti Take Out dinner that we will be holding on Thursday June 18th. From 4-7pm we will be offering curbside pickup of a spaghetti and meatball dinner (takeout container with spaghetti and 3 meatballs) for $10.  Extra meatballs will also be available for $1.00/ea.  These items will only be available with pre-order. No walk ups will be allowed.  Furthermore, we will require you to set a time for pick up when you place your order.  Orders can be given to myself at 905-515-7276 or Joe Mongiardi at 289-925-1557.  Orders can also be e-mailed to


Lastly, on Saturday May 29th a virtual meeting was held in place of the annual Grand Lodge convention that would have been normally held this year.  I am happy to report that all lodges throughout Canada have weathered the pandemic storm thus far and look to be set up well when we emerge.


In closing I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer, and we look forward to seeing you in September!

Fraternally yours,


Lewis Merolli

President, Trieste Lodge

Lewis Merolli Headshot_edited.png


"The Shoeless Shoemaker" is an educational video about the internment of Italian Canadian citizens during World War II. 

Nearly 600 men, who were usually the only source of income at the time, were take away from their families and imprisoned, leaving their wives and children to struggle without a source of income. They were declared enemies of the state but their only crime was that they were Italian.

The song, U Scarparu Senza Scarpi, was written by Joe Baiardo and inspired by the true story of Francesco Zaffiro, who was a shoemaker in Hamilton, Ontario, arrested and taken away from his wife and 4 children and returned to them after 3 years in a Petawawa concentration camp. He, nor any of the other hundreds of internees were ever charged of any crimes.


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