Gran Canal de Trieste

Realized between 1754 and 1766 by Matteo Pirona, the Canal Grande was a key element of the new urban plan that led to the construction of Borgo Teresiano.


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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

First and foremost, I hope that you and your family are keeping safe and healthy.  As we progress through this pandemic, there is no doubt a psychological impact on each of us.  This is especially prevalent in how we have quickly changed our interactions with each other.  Our Italian culture is one that promotes and embraces physical contact and that is definitely something that I miss personally.  We long for the days that a simple handshake, hug or kiss to a family member or friend will again become the norm.

Your executive met in mid August to discuss how our Order will respond in the coming months, specifically in how we can foster interaction between members while adhering to all guidelines set by the province.  At the time of writing this newsletter, we are permitted to have 50 individuals in our hall for events.  This excludes kitchen and bar staff, and extra staff hiring to clean and sanitize the hall while any function is taking place.

It is with these guidelines in mind that we have decided to have a members dinner/meeting on Tuesday September 8th for up to 50 members.  In order to ensure that we do not turn away anyone at the door and we can properly record and control who is entering the hall, we will be taking reservations for the first 50 members that contact either myself at 905-515-7276 or Joe Mongiardi at 289-925-1557.

There will be strict guidelines for anyone entering the hall for this dinner.  First and foremost, anyone that has experienced or is experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 will not be permitted to attend.  Moreover, if you have had any contact with anyone that has or may have COVID-19 and/or its symptoms is not permitted to attend.  When entering the hall, we ask that you maintain 6 feet of distance at the door and where a face covering or mask when entering the hall and taking your seat. You are only permitted to remove your face mask when eating dinner.  If you need to use the restroom or go to the bar, you will be required to wear your face covering or face mask.  Also, please do not congregate in groups or walk from table to table.  These guidelines may sound strict, but we are following the provincial guidelines and trying to ensure the safety and health of all members.


The other pressing order of business is the current executive team, whose term ended in June 2020.  The Grand Lodge has recommended that each lodges executive continue on for another term.  However, it is the members decision on which route to take.  We are looking for feedback from members by e-mail or phone call to anyone on the executive until September 30th.  If there is an October dinner meeting, we will require a motion from the floor to ratify the Grand Lodges recommendation.  If no motion is made, we will be required to hold an election, following all rules within our Constitution. 

I wish to thank all members for their continued support, even though we have been unable to offer the fraternity and fellowship we have been accustomed to.  Looking forward to seeing some of you at our September meeting.

Fraternally yours,


Lewis Merolli

President, Trieste Lodge


"The Shoeless Shoemaker" is an educational video about the internment of Italian Canadian citizens during World War II. 

Nearly 600 men, who were usually the only source of income at the time, were take away from their families and imprisoned, leaving their wives and children to struggle without a source of income. They were declared enemies of the state but their only crime was that they were Italian.

The song, U Scarparu Senza Scarpi, was written by Joe Baiardo and inspired by the true story of Francesco Zaffiro, who was a shoemaker in Hamilton, Ontario, arrested and taken away from his wife and 4 children and returned to them after 3 years in a Petawawa concentration camp. He, nor any of the other hundreds of internees were ever charged of any crimes.


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The Sons & Daughters of Italy is a fraternal organization of Canadians of Italian heritage. We work together to achieve: Service & Charity, Community Involvement, and Heritage.


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