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      Gran Canal de Trieste

Realized between 1754 and 1766 by Matteo Pirona, the Canal Grande was a key element of the new urban plan that led to the construction of Borgo Teresiano.

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Updated: November 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

I trust you have all had an eventful October and are ready for an action-packed November here at our lodge! First off, I would like to commend Br. Joe Mongiardi, and his team for another successful Spaghetti Supper Take-Out that took place on Thursday October 19th. The food was plentiful as per usual, and we are happy to announce a profit of $1,200 that will be donated to the YMCA. Special thank you to Br. Mirko Testo for his navigation and leadership with this event. At the end of October, our lodge hosted a dinner dance in honour of our dear Br. Jack Marchese, for all of his wonderful accomplishments in our Italian-Canadian community. It was a truly a momentous occasion, and we thank Jack for his countless contributions over the many years. Special thanks to Br. Joe Mongiardi for an amazing meal and Br. Lewis Merolli for facilitating this event.


It is evident that we have a membership that is extremely proud of our accomplishments and wishes continued success. In keeping with this momentum, we are proud to announce that we have over 20 individuals who are slated to become members at our November meeting.  A few items of interest in the coming weeks and months that I want to pay special attention to. First and foremost, Brother Tony Giardino has been organizing our Memorial Mass for many years, and this year is no different. We are holding a memorial mass with brunch afterwards at our hall on Sunday November 12th. Mass will be held at St Anthony of Padua on Barton Street at 11am. Please contact Brother Tony if you will be attending so we can plan the brunch accordingly. He can be reached at 905-541-5537. Please support Brother Tony’s efforts by attending this year. 


Following this event, on Tuesday November 14th we are having our monthly general meeting, which will also be our initiation meeting as mentioned. I would ask all of those who are planning on attending, to confirm their attendance to Br. Joe Mongiardi no later than Thursday, November 9th so that he may plan accordingly. I would ask if we can show these new members a sign of our support by attending the meeting. Also, you will see that there is a tear-off portion of the newsletter for our Children’s Christmas Party, which will be held on Sunday December 10th at our hall. Doors will open at 12pm, with lunch served at 1pm. I encourage all members with children and grandchildren to take part in such a wonderful event! Each child is $15, with a maximum of 4 adults per child. Please reach out to Br. Mirko Testa, whose contact information is in the bulletin for more information and ticket sales. 


As mentioned, we have an action-packed month, with a busy December on the horizon. We look forward to your continued support with our events, and we will see you at the general meeting


Fraternally Yours,
Lucas Costanzo

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"The Shoeless Shoemaker" is an educational video about the internment of Italian Canadian citizens during World War II. 

Nearly 600 men, who were usually the only source of income at the time, were take away from their families and imprisoned, leaving their wives and children to struggle without a source of income. They were declared enemies of the state but their only crime was that they were Italian.

The song, U Scarparu Senza Scarpi, was written by Joe Baiardo and inspired by the true story of Francesco Zaffiro, who was a shoemaker in Hamilton, Ontario, arrested and taken away from his wife and 4 children and returned to them after 3 years in a Petawawa concentration camp. He, nor any of the other hundreds of internees were ever charged of any crimes.


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