The Sons & Daughters of Italy is a fraternal organization of Canadians of Italian heritage. We work together to achieve: Service & Charity, Community Involvement, and Heritage.


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Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Trieste Lodge,

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Trieste Lodge for 2020!  I trust and hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas season.  We are entering a new decade with lots of things happening at our lodge.  I think a great new year (or new decade) resolution for all our members is how each of us can get involved in our club to see it continue to grow and develop.  Whether it is joining an event committee, running for positions on our executive team or even just promoting our club to potential new members within the community, there is many things that can be done!

In December of 2019 we had many events at the Trieste Lodge that were very successful.  Starting off the season was our Choir holding a dinner dance, the Children’s Christmas Party where Santa brought gifts to approximately 60 children, our member’s Christmas Dinner with 234 members and guest in attendance, and finally our bowling club holding a dinner dance.  All of these events were very well attended, and it goes without saying the food was excellent at all of them.  Thank you to all the members that helped plan and organize these events.  Special mention to Lori Balogh and her son Alexander, as well as Alexander’s girlfriend (future daughter in law?) Sydney Lawson for preparing the meal for the Children’s Christmas Party.


Coming up the next few months are some very important meetings as well as new events that I wish to share in this month’s message.  Firstly, a staple of our club is the annual Briscola tournament being held this year on Friday January 24th, with information found in the newsletter.  On Sunday February 2nd, the Trieste Lodge, and more specifically the Order Sons and Daughters of Canada is hosting a meeting of Italian clubs throughout Ontario.  The purpose of this meeting so to continue discussion between Italian clubs on how we can collaborate.  Moreover, it will give us a chance to showcase our club’s successes.  


February’s meeting has traditionally been a member/child dinner, and that will continue this year as well.  However, in the spirit of Family Day which is held in February, any member can bring any member of their family to dinner at a cost of $20 (same as member).  As in the past, children under 18 are free!  So that we can properly plan the dinner, please let myself or Joe Mongiardi know if you will be bringing a child/guest.


On Saturday February 22nd, the SDOI Trieste Lodge, CIPBA Hamilton-Halton and Festitalia are organizing a “Carnevale Di Venezia” event at LIUNA Station.  More information is in the newsletter but the most important facet to this event is the joint efforts between Italian clubs for the betterment of the community (all proceeds to benefit the Good Shepherd).  We hope to have broad support from the membership as this is a new event, and something that is fresh and exciting.  Please see Lucas Costanzo or Steven Zecchin for tickets or purchase directly from the Good Shepherd by visiting their website.


In closing, I hope to see many of you at our January 14th meeting.  I know we can probably all stand to lose a few pounds we gained over Christmas (me at the top of the list), and we probably have made new years resolutions for such.  Nevertheless, after intense research I have concluded that every diet gives you a day off throughout the week, and that’s why I always designate the second Tuesday of every month as my “cheat day”!


Fraternally yours, 
Lewis Merolli
Trieste Lodge President