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      Gran Canal de Trieste

Realized between 1754 and 1766 by Matteo Pirona, the Canal Grande was a key element of the new urban plan that led to the construction of Borgo Teresiano.

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Updated: March 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Trieste Lodge,

I trust you have all been keeping well, and are looking forward to another month with hopefully some spring weather that is here to stay! We will be holding our March General Meeting on Tuesday March 14th. In keeping with our recent practice, I would ask that all those wishing to attend, to please give Br. Joe Mongiardi a call no later than Friday March 10th. 

We will be resuming our annual Soppressata Dinner on Thursday April 20th! Tickets for this event are $45 for dinner, cash bar. If you have started making your own Soppressata, this event is a great way to showcase your product! See Br. Lewis Merolli for dinner tickets. As always, this is our signature event, and we encourage all members to get their tickets while they last, and encourage their family and friends to partake on a wonderful event that celebrates the importance of maintaining a traditional southern Italian delicacy. If you do not make Soppressata, do not worry! We encourage all guests to bring their own charcuterie boards filled with homemade cured meats and cheeses to share with their table, as there will not be an antipasto as part of the meal. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces, and we look forward to meeting new friends that we hope will continue to join us at Trieste Lodge.

I just wanted to thank all of those in attendance at last month’s general meeting. We had a stellar turnout, and a wonderful meeting that provided every individual with a look into what we hope to be the future of Trieste Lodge. At this point, I do not have more to report in regards to the “Cultural Centre,” but I look forward to your attendance in March where hopefully, we will be able to share some more information with all of you. The future of our Order looks promising, and it is all accredited to the work of men and women over our 100 year history that have sacrificed, so that we may be able to celebrate together for years to come. Our history is our strength, and the future of our Order is within our hands to create.

As you will see in our bulletin, we are proud to sponsor the McMaster Italian Cultural Club on their gala event here at our hall, on April 1st. Tickets are available at $45 per person, and we look forward to a wonderful night surrounded by our youth, and all of the wonderful cultural traditions they carry on within our community!

I would just like to remind everyone that annual dues for 2023 will be due by March 31st. Cheques can be mailed to our lodge address, or payments can be made online on our website ( 


Fraternally Yours, 

Lucas Costanzo 


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"The Shoeless Shoemaker" is an educational video about the internment of Italian Canadian citizens during World War II. 

Nearly 600 men, who were usually the only source of income at the time, were take away from their families and imprisoned, leaving their wives and children to struggle without a source of income. They were declared enemies of the state but their only crime was that they were Italian.

The song, U Scarparu Senza Scarpi, was written by Joe Baiardo and inspired by the true story of Francesco Zaffiro, who was a shoemaker in Hamilton, Ontario, arrested and taken away from his wife and 4 children and returned to them after 3 years in a Petawawa concentration camp. He, nor any of the other hundreds of internees were ever charged of any crimes.


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