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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

First and foremost, I hope this monthly newsletter finds you in good health, both physically and emotionally.  To say we are living in interesting times is putting it mildly.  None of us is immune to the immense social change the COVID-19 crisis has created.  This is truly this generations defining moment, as to how we have combatted and will continue to combat this virus.  


As an organization, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure we do our part to contain the spread of this virus and help those that are affected by it.  In this newsletter you will find letters from the Strategic Board, Villa Italia, and the Grand Lodge sharing information on how each group has handled the COVID-19 crisis.  Moreover, there are recommendations from the Strategic Board and Grand lodge as to how the Trieste lodge should operate for the foreseeable future.  I encourage everyone to read these recommendations and provide me feedback on them.


Speaking to how the Trieste Lodge has helped those affected by the economic challenges occurring in our community, we have made donations from our charity account.  These include:

  1. Hamilton Food Share, $1000 cash donation

  2. Mission Services, $1000 cash donation for food pantry

  3. Eva Rothwell Centre, $500 in food purchased and directly placed in a food pantry

  4. Villa Italia, $1000 to provide 70 meals to front-line staff


As the crisis continues to unfold and we see reason and opportunity to support a local charity or organization, we will do our best to support those in need.


It is unfortunate that we will not be able to meet or hold events until at least September, as many of our members look forward to our monthly meetings as one of their only social gatherings.  Please keep this in mind especially for some of our more senior members, and if possible, make a quick phone call to a member you know may be alone during this time, just to keep in touch.  This will go a long way.


Wishing everyone best of health, we will hopefully see each other sooner than later.  Please note in June’s newsletter we will discuss the plans for the current executive and some options for extending the term into next year and/or holding elections at the next possible meeting.

Fraternally yours,


Lewis Merolli

President, Trieste Lodge

The Sons & Daughters of Italy is a fraternal organization of Canadians of Italian heritage. We work together to achieve: Service & Charity, Community Involvement, and Heritage.



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