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Welcome to our page dedicated to sharing updates about the Hamilton Italian Centre project, announced in April 2023. This exciting initiative is a result of collaboration among the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy (SDI) Hamilton Community Group, including the Trieste Lodge, Housing Corporation, and the Charitable Corporation at Villa Italia. This project will be overseen by a newly established entity, the SDI Hamilton Community Corporation.

Under the guidance of the newly established Community Corporation, our joint effort is dedicated to transforming the current facility into a premier establishment. This initiative honours the core values of the SDI, ensuring that the Centre embodies these timeless principles.

Curious to learn more about the Hamilton Italian Centre project? Explore our FAQ section for additional information. Have a question not covered? Feel free to ask us directly using the form below. We're here to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Hamilton Italian Centre project?
    The Hamilton Italian Centre is a new project by the Sons and Daughters of Italy Hamilton Group. It involves the recent acquisition of a new facility, which will undergo development beginning early 2024.
  • What is the purpose of the Project/ Centre?
    The purpose of this project is to celebrate Italian culture and offer various services to the community. It aims to promote Italian Canadian culture, honour Hamilton's Italian history, and provide diverse services and programs for the community's benefit.
  • Where is the Centre located?
    The Hamilton Italian Centre is situated at the 420 Crerar Drive property (currently known as Guido De Bres High School).
  • Who is involved in the project?
    The project is a joint effort led by the Sons and Daughters (SDI) of Italy Hamilton Community Corporation and supported by the SDI Hamilton Trieste Lodge, SDI Hamilton Housing family of corporations, and the SDI Hamilton Charitable Corporation at Villa Italia. The new corporation's board includes equal representation from these three existing boards and is supported by 6 committees involving 30+ community volunteers.
  • What is the project timeline?
    Possession of the property is set for January 5th, 2024, with programming and development planned from 2024 to 2026.
  • What services and programs will the Centre offer?
    The Centre will provide a platform for promoting Italian Canadian culture, celebrating Hamilton's Italian history, and offering diverse services such as business networking, health, family services, social, educational, and athletic programs. It will also house the Sons and Daughters of Italy Hamilton Trieste Lodge, a café/osteria, and banquet facilities.
  • Will the broader community have access to the Centre?
    Yes! The Centre's vision is to create a hub that serves the community at large. It will offer space for meetings, events, cultural activities, and potential recreational programs to benefit everyone interested in participating.
  • What updates will be provided to the community regarding the project?
    Regular updates regarding the progress of the Hamilton Italian Centre will be shared through newsletters and monthly meetings of the SDI Hamilton Trieste Lodge and through this web page.
  • How can I contribute or support the Hamilton Italian Centre project?
    Here are some ways to contribute and support the Hamilton Italian Centre: Volunteering: Keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities. Whether it's assisting with events, programs, or contributing specific skills, volunteering can greatly support the project. Community Partnerships: If you represent a community organization, explore partnership possibilities. Collaborations can enhance the Centre's offerings and benefit the broader community. Donations and Sponsorship: Consider making donations or exploring sponsorship opportunities. Financial contributions help in the development of the Centre and its programs. Spread the Word: Share information about the Hamilton Italian Centre with friends, family, and colleagues. Increased awareness can attract more support and involvement. Attend Events: Attend events organized by the Centre. Your presence not only supports the initiatives but also fosters a sense of community. Provide Feedback: Your feedback and suggestions are valuable. Share your thoughts on how the Centre can better serve the community. Participate in Sports Programs: If interested, participate in the sports programs offered. Active involvement helps build a vibrant community around the Centre's activities. Join Committees: Keep an eye out for opportunities to join committees that support specific aspects of the Centre's development. Active involvement in these committees can shape the Centre's offerings and direction. Fundraising Initiatives: Participate in or organize fundraising initiatives aimed at supporting the Centre's development.

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